About 365 Days of Design

My name is Justin Nikolaus a web designer in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Here is my personal site and my freelance site.

I will be creating a design each day everyday and sharing it here. The way Im going to approach this is I will give myself 30 – 60 mins before I leave for work to create something. I hoping that it will not only help with idea generation and method knowledge, but also help with time management and speed.

Justin Nikolaus


4 Responses to About 365 Days of Design

  1. DarkVarder says:

    I am a student at bosworth sithlord collage and wondering if i could use one of your images for a school project.

  2. luke skywalker says:

    I will destory the empaire

  3. SKCnTN says:

    Go Pack Go!!! Thanks fer all the G’s, G!
    They shall enhance our party as the Pack destroys the Steelers!
    Reggie and Raji needs a poster together for the pantheon. Betcha could sell ‘em!
    SKC down here in Tennessee

  4. Hey Justin

    I added this text with link to you site here: http://ipadwallpapersbybay.com/best-artwork-wallpapers/

    Have a look through the text and let me know if it ok – also if I can post and image below the text let me know which one.

    Also please feel free to link back to my site or share the post if you have time and want to.

    Have a nice day.

    365 Days of Design – Justin Nikolaus

    Justin Nikolaus is creating a new design everyday and sharing it on his 365 day of design site. He allow himself myself 30 – 60 mins before leaving for work to create something to decorate the iPad. This way he hope that it will not only help with idea generation and method knowledge, but also help with time management and speed. I would like all of the wallpapers in one gallery but you have to look around to see all the awesome designs.

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