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365 Days of Grass. (Day 8)

I used a flickr image of grass in this design. So the majority of the work came from carefully masking out the letters to follow the grass blades. No real tricks here. Some layer styles were used to help with the cutout look. The shadow was created from the grass cutout, then stretched diagonally, motion blurred in [...]

365 Days of Ice. (Day 5)

The ice texture was created by using a bare tree turned into a brush. Works well to create the “veins” in the ice. The text was used as a clipping path to hide the trunks. A tree with more limbs was used as a brush to create the depth around the sides of the text. [...]

Packer Sunday. (Day 3)

Trying to create some luck for the Packers taking on the Cardinals today. I like how this one turned out. Started with the Fiber filter then stretched out wide with motion and gaussian blur to create the initial ripples in the cloth. The warp tool made it look more like it was hanging. Repeated offset dots for jersey pattern, [...]